A player attempts to take on Bandos minions invading Falador.

The server automatically initiates events based on a variety of factors. Players can participate in these events to receive IP, boosts, and special items.

Contribution and RewardsEdit

Players receive more rewards based on how much they contribute. Events scale up in difficulty and volume depending on how many players are participating in it, and relative contributions are based on the event's volume divided by how many players are participating.

For example, if a Shooting Star gets 100 health for each player mining it and there are 10 people mining it, it will have 1000 health. Each player is expected to mine 1000/10 = 100 health of the star each.

Contributions work as follows:

Platinum contribution: 160% of the "expected" contribution

Gold contribution: 80% of the "expected" contribution

Silver contribution: 40% of the "expected" contribution

Bronze contribution: 20% of the "expected" contribution

This system means that it is possible for all participants to get the 

gold contribution level. Different contribution levels have different effects on drop rate:


A player receives loot from the Bandos Invasion reward chest.

 Platinum: 120% drop multiplier (20% bonus)

Gold: 100% drop multiplier (normal)

Silver: 50% drop multiplier (half)

Bronze: 25% drop multiplier (1/4 loot)

Dynamic EventsEdit

This is a list of standard dynamic events.

Bandos Invasion

Shooting Star

Legendary PK Bot

Surok Magis's Return*

  • this event, unlike other events, only rewards the top two contributors as it is in the Wilderness and was made to create competition between players.

Bosses Edit

This is a list of bosses that use event mechanics with contribution levels, meaning the boss gets more health based on how much people there are, and everybody gets loot at the end.


Astea Frostweb

The Giant Mole

Archive: Shanty Claws

Archive: The Harbinger of Death