In Diverity, ores never disappear. There are also no rune rocks in safe places. Up for it?

Getting StartedEdit

  • From home location, go to the general store and locate bob.
  • Trade with bob, and buy one iron pickaxe
  • Open the spells tab and click the A, which brings you to skilling.
  • Once there, follow the path out of the castle all the way up.
  • Follow the path!
  • walk over to the silver-colored rock, and click it.

The slideshow on the right explains how to get your first ore.

  • note You need 140 coins to buy the iron pickaxe.

Ores, locations, expEdit

Ore level exp location
Copper 1 540 skilling mine
Tin 1 540 skilling mine
Iron 15 1050 skilling mine
Coal 30 1500 skilling mine
Sandstone * 35 4500 Donator Zone
Mithril 55 2400 skilling mine
Adamantite 70 2850 skilling mine
Runite 85 3750 Rune location
Rubium 95 5250 Lumbridge caverns
  • Donators can only mine 3 sandstone a day, super donators can mine 10