Sandstone is a rare mineable item. This item is only minable by donators.



There is a limitation upon how much can be mined.


A player mining sandstone

A player mining sandstone.

  • Requirements: 35 mining
  • Base experience: 4500
  • Sandstone is only accessable to donators at the Donator Zone .


Sandstone can be smelted into molten glass in a furnace, which can then be used with a glassblowing pipe to create an intricate vial, which is then used to create special potions, elixirs.


  • Sandstone compare

    Sandstone compared to all other ores.

    Although a mining level of only 35 is required to mine this rock, it grants 4500 EXP; which is more than Runite ore.
  • There is a limit of how much a player can mine oft this rock in one day. Donators are limited to three, Super donators are limited to 10. Regular players do not have access to this.
  • Sandstone is very different from every other ore. Most ores have a seemingly colored pile of rocks, sandstone is a rectangular chunk that is light tan colored. (Rubium also has a different look than most)